PrimeWay Stool DNA Extraction Kit is a robust and reliable kit designed to isolate genomic DNA from both animal and human stools as well as gut content. This kit is meticulously optimised to handle a broad spectrum of stool types such as normal, dry, hard & high-fibre animal stool. Ceramic beads coupled with homogenisation duration is perfected in this kit to maximise the lysis of the microorganism. The extracted DNA is free from PCR inhibitors, making it suitable for downstream application such as PCR, amplicon sequencing, qPCR, Southern blot, etc. Additionally, the kit has been validated for use with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms for human stool.



  • Versatile - Proficient in managing both human and animal stool samples, as well as gut content, and adaptable for various downstream applications.
  • Comparison of 16S Microbial Profiles
  • High Purity DNA
  • Free from PCR Inhibitors

Interested to try it out?


Interested to try it out?

Product Code KIT-9070
Product PrimeWay Stool DNA Extraction Kit
Size 10/50 prep
Sample Type Animal & Human Stool, Gut Content
Binding Capacity  Up to 50 µg
Purity (A260/A280) 1.7 - 2.0
Duration  ≤60 minutes
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