SEPa Plant RNA Isolation Reagent Kit allows high quality nucleic acids extraction from plant tissues, especially those rich in polyphenolics or polysaccharides. It is an organic solution-based extraction method which utilizes cationic detergent to extract nucleic acid for downstream applications that require high quality inputs of nucleic acids. Product includes DNA removal components to produce total RNA that free from DNA contamination. It is an ideal kit to perform high quality total RNA extraction from various plant tissues.



  • High Tolerance to Different Plant Orders – Plant species have high levels of polysaccharides, polyphenols, and other secondary metabolites.
  • Efficient – High yields of high molecular weight genomic plant RNA.
  • Quality – High purity for high-end downstream applications: eg. Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Economy – Cost effective for large number of sample in high yield RNA extraction.

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Figure 1:

100ng of purified plant RNA was run on 1% agarose gel using 1x TAE buffer (BUF-3000, 1st BASE) at 100V, 60 minutes.

M = ExactMark 1kb DNA ladder (BIO-5140).


Figure 2:

Comparison of RNA yield and purity between SEPa Plant RNA Reagent Kit and Brand A kit.

RNA was extracted based on 200 mg of pulverized plant tissues which is suitable for high
throughput downstream applications such as Next-Generation Sequencing.
With Brand A, RNA had to be extracted 2 times from 100 mg of pulverised plant tissues,
whereas only one extraction is required from 200mg of pulverised plant tissues using SEPa kit.

The RNA concentration in the graph was measured using Implen NanoPhotometer®.


  • RT-PCR
  • RT-qPCR
  • Northern Blot Analysis
  • Poly(A)+ Selection
  • in vitro Transcription/Translation
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Interested to try it out?
Product Code KIT-9102-125ml
Product SEPa Plant RNA Isolation Reagent Kit, 125mL
Size Up to 40 preps
Sample Type Various types of plants
Duration  a) RNA Extraction: ~ 2 hours with overnight incubation
b) DNase Treatment: 35 minutes
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