NGS is driving growth and possibilities in scientific research as DNA is sequenced at unprecedented speed. It has opened new worlds in genomic research and resulted in novel biological applications in diverse fields of science.

1st BASE offers the latest in NGS technologies, together with cross-platform expertise in choosing the most suitable technology to meet your sequencing needs. Get in touch with us and let us recommend the most suitable or combination of sequencing approach for your project with no obligations.

  • Illumina MiSeq, NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing Technology
  • Pacific Biosciences Sequel II Sequencing Technology
  • Nanopore GridION Sequencing Technology

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Download and complete Order Form (under Downloads tab) with your order requirements.

For the source of sample(s) derived from inactivated pathogenic agents, we will need you to fill-up Biosafety Declaration Form (from Download Tab) to confirm the acceptance of your Order.

For NGS order requires Standard Bioinformatics Analysis, we will email you the respective Bioinformatics (BI) Analysis Form separately. We need the BI Analysis Form to reach us before the sequencing raw data is available to avoid delays in releasing the results.

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For customers who ship or courier us the orders directly, please indicate your airway bill number or courier tracking number in your email to ensure speedy processing of your orders.

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Sample Submission Guidelines for gDNA/RNA Extraction Projects
What our Customers Say about our NGS Services:

"We tried a couple of NGS service providers and eventually chosen Axil Scientific as our long-term service provider. The turnaround time for the service is fast (5-7 working days). In general, we are quite satisfied with the service and the quality of the data."

Simon Ng, A*STAR

"The team members from Axil Scientific had generously awarded us with an amazing technical and scientific supports as a one-stop solution for all our needs from library preparation to target identifications and personalized bioinformatics solutions. The team had helped us to prepare for the highest quality transcriptome sequencing data from the beginning of workflow, and offered effective steps to the troubleshooting at all stages. The bioinformatics solutions are of best quality covering all computationally intensive stages from reads mapping, transcripts alignments and downstream discovery analysis. I am amazed with the resultant output datasets which are very comprehensive, listing all detailed statistical data generated at each step. Given the complexity of getting pure subpopulations from cancer cells after undergoing fluorescence-activated cell sorting, we succeeded to achieve good QC and able to sequence with alignment rate of over 97% from low input RNA samples. Looking at the high quality and vast amount of data we have generated in short period of time, this has given us a unique opportunity and advantage to speed up the analysis. Time is always the limiting factor in science and by receiving supports from group of experts in Axil, we definitely find better solutions. Thank you very much to Axil Scientific for the NGS service award given and for supporting our research."

Siti Sarah Daud, NUS

“Axil provide a very good NGS service, the whole 16s rDNA sequencing takes only about 2 weeks, which is very fast and helpful to my research. The quality of their NGS result is good for the following bioinformatics analysis. Besides, the product specialist, Mr. Yu Tiam Meng, is a very nice and polite man, and he is one of the best product specialist I have even met in Singapore.”

Yang Yi, NUS

“It was a pleasure working with 1st base. They were fast and responded quickly to our inquiries and efficient in obtaining the samples, generating libraries and sequencing our RNA. Their customer service was good with clear communications and the data was easy to access. We are still analysing our data but so far it seems to be of high quality and sufficient coverage for our purposes. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Aaron Irving, DUKE-NUS

“The service that I got from 1st BASE was excellent in every respect.”

Md. Monjurul Alam, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute