PrimeWay Soil DNA Extraction Kit is a reliable kit that is used to isolate genomic DNA from various type of soil sample, manure & water sample.
Both mechanical and chemical lysis methods are used for maximum extraction efficiency and DNA yield. This kit can efficiently remove abundance of humic substances and pigments which affect downstream processes such as PCR. Besides soil sample, it is also suitable for other sample types including animal manure, worm compost and water. The purified DNA is suitable for PCR, southern blot, enzyme digestion, amplicon sequencing, etc.

PrimeWay Soil DNA Extraction Kit from


  • Versatile - Suitable for a broad range of samples
  • Efficient - Comes with mechanical & chemical lysis: bead beating & SDS-based lysis. Able to extract low microbial diversity sample: clay.
  • High DNA Integrity
  • Low Humic Acids & High DNA Purity

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Product Code KIT-9060
Product PrimeWay Soil DNA Extraction Kit
Size 10/50/250 prep
Sample Type Soil, Manure, Water Sample
Yield/Recovery  100 µg
Purity 1.7 - 2.0
Duration  <60 min
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