PrimeWay Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Introducing 1st BASE Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits, our newly developed in-house technology as shown below. We uphold the highest level of quality in our DNA/RNA extraction products. This commitment to quality is evidenced by the dedication of our employees to exceed above and beyond expectations and requirements.

PrimeWay Spin Column

Nucleic acid extraction is a fundamental process in molecular biology that enables a variety of applications such as cloning and sequencing among others. PrimeWay spin columns simplify and speed up the process of nucleic acid extraction resulting in high quality nucleic acids for downstream processing.

SEPa Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits

SEPa Reagents consist of ready-to-use solutions for isolating total DNA/RNA from plant sample resulting in high quality nucleic acids.
SEPa Nucleic Acid Isolation Reagent Kit is quality-control tested for sterility and consistency. This ready-to-use formula is available in 125ml. Click on below to find out more.