Save the hassle of preparing purified DNA for sequencing and leave your unpurified samples to us. We will do the purification and deliver the best quality results to you.

Whatever sample type you have, we can work with it!
Sample requirement


PCR Products


Sample Type

Unpurified PCR

Plate Culture/ Cut agar

Stab/slant Culture

Broth Culture

Glycerol Stock


20ul of unpurified PCR product; excised gel band (<250mg)

Less than 1mth

Less than 1mth

Bacteria pellet; 5ml for high copy; 10ml for low copy


  Please check with us for more information! 
Turnaround Time
The turnaround time for Sequencing+ PLUS is 48 hours.
How to Order

1. 1st BASE Online Ordering, 1oo
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2. Email your order to using the 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Order Form.

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For more information, you may contact us at or +65 67757318.

What are our other services:
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