Sequencing+ PLUS

Sequencing+ PLUS is an all-in-one service which enables fast and quality sequencing of your unpurified samples!
1st BASE accepts different unpurified sample type and provide DNA template purification as the first step to delivering you clean, long reads of your gene of interest. 


Sample Requirement


PCR Products


Sample Type

Unpurified PCR

Plate Culture/ Cut agar

Stab/slant Culture

Broth Culture

Glycerol Stock


20ul of unpurified PCR product; excised gel band (<250mg)

Less than 1mth

Less than 1mth

Bacteria pellet; 5ml for high copy; 10ml for low copy


Please check with us for more information!
*Available for Singapore local customers!!


How to Order

1. 1st BASE Online Ordering, 1oo
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2. Email your order with the completed 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Order Form.


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