DNA Sequencing Service + Plus (SS1201)

Customers to send in their unpurified PCR products for us to perform PCR clean-up prior to DNA sequencing. This service is optimal for unpurified PCR products that shows single band on agarose gel, but is not applicable for difficult template type sample. By using proprietary PCR clean-up techniques that delivers the highest recovery, we guarantee longer read under sequencing plus service at > 1000 bases.

We also accept samples that are cut or excised gel bands in dry tube but not the entire gel. However, since the gel cut is not performed by 1st BASE, we are unable to guarantee the read length to exceed 1000 bases under this method of sample submission.

Cut or excised gel bands should not exceed 250mg.

Sample Preparation Requirements

No. Reactions Required Concentration & Volume
1 reaction 100ng/uL, min 20uL in sterilized dH2O
2 reactions 100ng/uL, min 30uL in sterilized dH2O

To view list of complimentary Universal Primers provided by our DNA Sequencing facility, please click here.