We are well-versed in Molecular Applications, in particular PCR amplification. The offer of our PCR services is coupled with sample preparation services, allowing you to get the results in the shortest turnaround time, so that you can focus on the data analysis and decide the next move of your research experiments.

Standard PCR

PCR optimization usually takes long time and huge effort. Among many problems to solve in the optimization process, mis-priming and primer dimer that frequently occur in a PCR mixture at room temperature result in poor amplification and undesired amplicon production.

The polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, is one of the key techniques in molecular biology, amplifying a single DNA molecule into millions of copies in a short time by a biochemical process. It has a wide range of applications from basic research to disease diagnostics, agrigenomics, and forensics. We provide optimization of PCR assay for high reproducibility and accuracy PCR amplification.

PCR Amplification Assay Optimization

IncludesgDNA extraction, primer design, primer synthesis, all PCR reagents and Purification.
Customer to provide template DNA and positive control template.
HumanPlantAnimalBacteriaFungiOther Organism

PCR Amplification Screening PLUS

IncludesgDNA extraction & PCR reaction
Agarose Gel QuantificationForward & Reverse SequencingFragment AnalysisRE digestion

PCR Amplification Screening

IncludesPCR reaction
Agarose Gel QuantificationForward & Reverse SequencingFragment AnalysisRE digestion

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