We are proud to offer a wide range of customized services for Antibody Production. Our standard protocols are designed to deliver highest affinity, specificity, and yield.

A committed team of scientists are available to support you through the antibody production process.

Antibody Production Process:

Services Offered

Available Antibody Production Services from 1st BASE:

Polyclonal antibody servicesPolyclonal antibodies target multiple epitopes for more robust detection and work for a variety of applications. Available species for polyclonal antibody production: 1.      Sheep 2.      Chicken 3.      Mouse 4.      Rabbit 5.      Goat 6.      Llama
Monoclonal antibody servicesMonoclonal antibodies target a single epitope for higher specificity compared to polyclonal antibodies. Available species for monoclonal antibody production: 1.      Mouse
Recombinant antibody servicesRecombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies produced in vitro using recombinant DNA technology to increase consistency of antibody production. The ease of large-scale production and amenability for fusion with drugs and toxins makes recombinant antibodies ideal for therapeutics. Available species for recombinant antibody production: 1.      Rabbit 2.      Llama


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