Without bioinformatics, huge amounts of next generation sequencing data will mean nothing at all. At 1st BASE, we offer an assortment of standard to personalised bioinformatics options to translate these data into useful information that is critical to complete the picture.

  • Chip-Seq analysis
  • De novo assembly & gene ontology
  • De novo transcriptome assembly, large contigs BLAST, profiling of differentially expression gene (DEG)
  • Gene Fusion Detection
  • Reference mapping (a known genome has to be provided) & gene annotation
  • Variant annotation (base substitution and very short indels) 
  • Cancer Variants Calling
  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • Methylation Sequencing
  • miRNA Expression Profiling and small RNA sequencing analysis
  • Quality check on FastQ data
  • Metagenomic Analysis
    • 16s Metagenomic Basic Analysis, which includes
    • Taxonomical classification based on the 16s sequence (SILVA 16s database, GreenGenes taxonomic database );
    • Taxonomical tree and its relative abundance (in MEGAN5 format);
    • Diversity indexes (Shanon, Simpson, Chao, ACE)
  • 18s Metagenomic Basic Analysis
  • Customised options depend on project

All project information and data are kept confidential, with delivery options of either downloading through our secure server (FTP link) or through Illumina BaseSpace account. We are also able to send the NGS data in hard disk to you if you have concern about your internet download speed, this option, however, is only available to our international customers. 

To find out more about how to sign up for a BaseSpace account and retrieving your NGS data from within, please click on the following link for a step by step guide: