Whether you prefer to make your own media, buy prepared plates, or take advantage of easy-to-prepare convenience formats, our culture medium expertise and rigorous quality standards have made us a preferred supplier and trusted source of prepared media to laboratories all around the world.

Product Description Grade Packaging Product No Product Specification Sheet Safety Data Sheet
LB Broth Miller Bacterial Culture Media  100g BIO-4000-100g
 500g BIO-4000-500g
 1kg BIO-4000-1kg
LB Broth Miller pH 7.0 Bacterial Culture Media  500ml BIO-4000-500ml
 1L BIO-4000-1L
LB Agar Miller Bacterial Culture Media  100g BIO-4010-100g
 500g BIO-4010-500g
 1kg BIO-4010-1kg
American Bacteriological Agar Bacterial Culture Media  50g BIO-4020-50g
 500g BIO-4020-500g
 1kg BIO-4020-1kg
5kg CUS-4020-5kg
Yeast Extract Bacterial Culture Media  50g BIO-4030-50g
 500g BIO-4030-500g
 1kg BIO-4030-1kg
 5kg CUS-4030-5kg
Tryptone Bacterial Culture Media  500g BIO-4040-500g
 1kg BIO-4040-1kg
2X YT Bacterial Culture Media 1L CUS-4042-1L
500ml CUS-4042-500ml
2X YT Agar Bacterial Culture Media 400ml CUS-4043.1-400ml
900ml CUS-4043.1-900ml
Modified Terrific Broth Bacterial Culture Media 1L CUS-4051-1L
500ml CUS-4051-500ml
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