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Sanger Sequencing Servicessequencing@axilscientific.comDNA Sequencing Services
Molecular Biology Servicescustcare@axilscientific.comSample Preparation Services
Sample Preparation Services for Non-standard Raw Materials Submission
PCR Services
Cloning and Synthetic Biology
DNA Barcoding Services
Site-directed Mutagenesis (SDM)
Biosafety Declaration Form
Next-Gen Sequencing Servicesngs@axilscientific.comNext-Gen Sequencing Services
Next-Gen Sequencing Services for Non-standard Raw Materials Submission
Next-Gen Sequencing Services for Premade Libraries
Biosafety Declaration Form
Fragment Analysis Servicessequencing@axilscientific.comFragment Analysis Services
Human Cell Line Authentication
Testing Servicescustcare@axilscientific.comAvian DNA Testing