T7E1 Mismatch Cleavage Assay

The mismatch cleavage assay is a simple and cost-effective method to detect a mutation or variation within a targeted region. The targeted region is first amplified, and the amplified products are simultaneously digested with T7E1 enzymes to cleave heteroduplex DNA at mismatches or extrahelical loops formed by multiple nucleotides, yielding two or more smaller fragments. T7EI is able to recognise insertions and deletions (Indels) of ≥ 2 bases that are generated by non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) activity in CRISPR experiments.

We recommend positive control enables in your mismatch cleavage assay analysis. The positive control used in mismatch cleavage assay analysis can be plasmid or cloned DNA that contains the known sequences, which typically 1 as wild type and another 1 (or more) as the target mutated sequences. To provide convenience to our customers, we offer cloned product of gBlocks™ Gene Fragment from IDT as positive controls in our mismatch cleavage assay services.

Our mismatch cleavage assay will design according the target sequences provided by the customers. If the target sequence is not available, or customers are providing the primer design(s) to be used in the PCR service, proviso fees may be applicable depending on project requirements. Under this condition, we will offer a custom service work plan to be reviewed and accepted by the customer before confirming the inquiry.



Product No. Description
HRM Positive Control

HRM Positive Control

Cloned Product of gBlocks™ Gene Fragment (251 to 500bp), Flat Price

Experimental Setup: Genotyping/ Mutation & Variant Screening using qPCR.
Charge per mutation or variant, excludes cost of probe/ SNP assay/ assay positive control.

The cost of probe/ gBlock™/ SNP assay kit to be charged separately.


Mutation & Variant Screening using T7E1. Price per sample.

  •  Amplification from purified gDNA
  •  Forming of hetero-duplex
  •  DNA digestion using T7E1 and followed by Fragment Analysis

Discount available for order >= 40 runs and >= 80 runs respectively.

Note: gBlocks™ is the registered trademark from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)