1st BASE offers SNaPshot® genotyping services using Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analyzer and automated data analysis using GeneMapper®. In other layman terms for this custom fragment analysis, SNaPshot® also called as mini sequencing.

SNaPshot® is a primer extension-based technique that enables multiplexing of several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at known locations in one single tube. The chemistry behind this technology is based on the dideoxy single-base extension of unlabelled primer; the primer binds to the complementary template in the presence of fluorescently label ddNTPs and AmpliTaq DNA polymerase. The polymerase extends the primer by 1 nucleotide, adding a single ddNTP to its 3’ end. 

Control reaction that we provide for each run

Results of SNaPshot® genotyping for a single SNP




rs number 7




42G(blue) and 42A(green)




In genotyping result for each sample, you will see each individual mutation, which typically combination of wild type or mutant according to the detected fluorescence signal at the designed peak location.


To multiplex 3 different SNP in the single SNaPshot® reaction, you would be able to see all detection in a single glance. Below illustrates the results of SNaPshot® genotyping for 3 different SNPs (1 SNP = 1 rs number): -

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