PrimeWay Plant DNA Extraction Kit is a rapid and reliable kit to isolate high quality genomic DNA from plant samples. This kit offers 2 types of lysis buffer: PLB1 Buffer (CTAB) and PLB2 Buffer (SDS) to produce optimum processing with high yield and excellent quality of DNA. Furthermore, this kit is supplied with RNase A to remove RNA contamination presence during the isolation steps. It uses a silica-based spin column and is suitable for isolating and purifying plant DNA within 30 minutes/prep with a high recovery rate. Thus making it suitable for PCR, restriction analysis, enzymatic reactions, Southern blotting & more.



  • Versatile - Rapid isolation of DNA from a multitude of plant samples (>30 plants species validation)
  • Convenient - 2 different lysis buffers available to choose
  • Fast— Within 30 minutes in the whole process
  • Comes with Plant Filter - To remove polysaccharides, contaminations, and residual cellular debris



Various type of plant and fungus are harvested and pulverized with liquid nitrogen, followed by PrimeWay Plant DNA extraction protocol using PLB1 lysis buffer. All DNA are successfully extracted with good quality. PCR tests are conducted to check the viability of the extracted DNA for PCR applications.


Performance Review
[PCR Result from Plant & Fungal DNA]

PCR amplification of rbcl & ITS gene from the gDNA extracted from plant and fungus respectively.


  • Isolated nucleic acid is ideal for PCR, restriction analysis, enzymatic reactions, Southern blotting & more.
Product Code KIT-9030-50
Product PrimeWay Plant Extraction Kit
Size 50 prep
Sample Type Various types of plants
Yield/Recovery  1 – 30 µg
Purity 1.7 - 2.0
Duration  30 min
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