NGS Grade Sample Preparation Service

At 1st BASE, you can simplify your sample preparation steps with our NGS Grade DNA or RNA Preparation Services! 


NGS Grade Sample Preparation Services


DNA Extraction


RNA Extraction


Sample QC


DNA Purification


RNA Purification

We also offer High Molecular Weight DNA services, please visit our page at for more information.  


Sample requirement for NGS grade DNA/RNA extraction

Type Required Highly recommended Replicate
Animal tissue 200mg 1g 3
Plant tissue 2g 5g 3
Fungus/Bacterium Pellet from 10mL overnight fresh culture Pellet from 30mL overnight fresh culture 3
Soil/ Stool/ Sludge (gDNA only) 300mg 500mg 3


How to ship the sample to 1st BASE for DNA/RNA extraction

Collect sample freshly. Snap freeze the sample with liquid nitrogen (recommended). Store and ship at -80oC/dry ice.