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NEW from 1st BASE!
exTEN 2X PCR Master Mix - exTENsively amplifies up to 10kb!

1st BASE is proud to launch our exTEN 2X PCR Master Mix (BIO-5186 series) comes in packaging size of 200 and 1000 reactions. It is an enhanced premixed blend that is capable of

  • Increasing PCR success rates with superior yield and robust amplification of fragments up to 10kb
  • Achieving greater sensitivity with low concentration template DNA
  • Shortening preparation time with minimum pipetting steps required as it is formulated for easy preparation and direct loading of PCR products onto gel

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1st BASE is delighted to announce that we are now offering 2 new products: Animal Gender Verification and Un-purified PCR Product Cloning.

Animal Gender Verification is useful for those pet’s owners who want to determine the sex of their pets, poultry farm’s owners who want to differentiate the gender of the animals, or scientists who want to study the population health of animals.

Un-purified PCR Product Cloning service is suitable for mixed PCR products with same or similar molecular weight, which is hard to purify even by gel extraction method. It is also suitable for the PCR products amplified from DNA samples with high PCR inhibitors such as environmental and stool samples, whereby the amplification is difficult or give low concentration of PCR products even though the amplification is success. For this kind of PCR products, cloning using the new service code, MBS-3006 is a better option than the conventional service code, which is MBS-3002/ MBS-3003; because it could recover other faint PCR products that may lost during the purification process prior to the process of cloning.

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Service Name and Description

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Animal Gender Verification using Fragment Analysis. Includes
+ PCR amplification and Purification
+ Fragment Analysis on Genetic Analyzer
+ Data analysis
Please enquire
CRS-5005-proviso Minimum Setup fee of Animal Gender Verification service using Fragment Analysis. -
MBS-3006 PCR Product Cloning Service PLUS (up to 1.5kb) Includes: Cloning of unpurified PCR product into pJET1.2/ Blunt or pBASE-1 vector, colony PCR screening and pick 5 positive colonies for sequencing. Sequencing charges separately. 3 to 4 weeks
MBS-3006-Proviso PCR Product Cloning Service PLUS (up to 1.5kb) - Minimum Set up fee will apply when no positive clone obtained. -

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