FAQs for Sample Preparation Services


Q1) Can you extract bacterial gDNA for next generation sequencing (NGS)?
Ans: Yes. Please prepare fresh culture. Spin down 10 mLculture (triplicates). Decant supernatant. Store and ship the cell pellet on dry ice. You may order MBS-5002, bacterial DNA barcoding, full-length of 16s rRNA to confirm the identity of bacteria before the extracted gDNA is submitted for NGS. We offer nuclei acid extractions for various type of samples and organisms, you can visit us at
http://base-asia.com/next-generation-sequencing/ngs-grade-sample-preparation-services.  Please contact us if your sample is not in list.


Q2) How to ship bacterial culture for plasmid extraction?
Ans: You can send bacteria culture in stab agar or agar slant at room temperature. We don’t recommend to ship bacteria culture on agar plate because they easily damaged during shipping.  Please remember to indicate the antibiotics used to grow the bacteria in the sample preparation service order form.


Q3) Can you remove the RNA contamination of gDNA?
Ans: Yes. We provide RNase treatment for the gDNA samples that is contaminated with RNA.


Q4) What is the grade of plasmid (midiprep, maxiprep) delivered?
Ans: We use commercial kit to purify plasmid. The plasmid is ultrapure, transfection grade. It is NOT certified endotoxin-free. Please enquire with us should you require certified endotoxin free plasmid prep.


Q5). Can you deliver linearized plasmid?

Ans: Yes. Firstly, we will cut the plasmid by using restriction enzyme (MBS-6002). It is then purified by phenol-chloroform and concentrated by ethanol preparation. One time of standard preparation can produce 4 to 5 ug of linearized plasmid. The plasmid pellet can be dissolved in any chosen buffers or water. Upon receiving the linearized plasmid, please make aliquots of it and stored them in the freezer.


Q6) Can I submit glycerol stock for plasmid extraction?

Ans: Yes. Glycerol stock is acceptable. It has to be shipped to us with dry ice.