Site-Directed Mutagenesis (SDM)

Site-Directed Mutagenesis (SDM) is combination of techniques from DNA synthesis and advanced-PCR. The final construct will eventually cloned into a desired vector for the ease of sequence verification by Sanger sequencing.

One mutation is defined as any combination of mutation within the frame of 50 bases at any desired site. In the end of the final construction, it is however up to the researcher whether they want to verify the entire inserted sequence using primer walking or only sequence the mutation sites.


Product No.



Site-directed Mutagenesis (SDM)

  •  Verification of insert gene
  •  Design and synthesis of PCR primers
  •  Mutagenesis of target gene
  •  Subcloning
  •  Sequencing verification up to 1.5kb

Price per mutation (for each 50 bases of fragment).


Primer Walking of Constructs Service - Single Pass

Surcharge for gene construct > 1.5kb. Price per base.