Sample Preparation for Bacterial and Fungal Sample

Prepare your bacterial or fungal sample in either option listed as below.

Option 1: Cut agar


  • From the agar plate, cut about 0.5cm x 0.5cm (or 5mm square) of isolated pure bacteria/ fungus.
  • Cut it with sterilized blade with as little agar as possible.
  • Place the cut agar in 1.5mL centrifuge tube.
  • Triplicates.
  • Store the processed sample at 4°C if it is to be shipped later.
  • Ship at room temperature.


Option 2: Dry Pellet


  • Spin down 1 mL to 2mL of liquid culture in 1.5mL centrifuge tube.
  • Discard the supernatant.
  • The size of the cell pellet is about 50uL.
  • Triplicates.
  • Store the processed sample at -20°C if it is to be shipped later
  • Ship with dry ice is recommended. Estimate >= 5kg of dry ice is required for 1 to 2 day of shipment duration.


Option 3: FTA Card (only for bacterial cultures)


  • If the sample is from pure isolated single colonies on agar plate, please inoculate > 20 single colonies in 125 uL sterile water/ buffer (such as TE, PBS).
  • Then apply less than 125uL of overnight liquid culture directly on FTA card (not provided).
  • Leave it dry.
  • Then place card in an envelope/plastic bag for sample submission.
  • Ship at room temperature 

Sample Preparation for Animal and Eukaryote Blood

We only accept animal and eukaryote blood samples using FTA card.



  • Apply whole blood to the FTA card 
  • Label the FTA card with Sample Name and Preparation Date
  • Allow sample to dry completely (Important!) at room temperature.
  • Seal the card in a zip lock bag and ship at room temperature 
  • Attach both Order Form and the Biohazard Declaration Form (signature of Principal Investigator of researcher is required).
  • Please download instructions on how to prepare samples using FTA card.
  • Ship at room temperature. 


Sample Preparation for Plant Tissue

  • Submit fresh leave of plant, together with silica gel, in a sealed ziplock bag.
  • Keep dry.
  • Ship at room temperature. 


Sample Preparation for Animal Tissue

  • Store animal tissue (50 to 100mg) in 5x volumes of absolute ethanol to prevent microbes growing during the transit to our laboratory.
  • The sample must be kept in screw cap tube.
  • Do not use 1.5mL centrifuge tube because the ethanol can leak out easily and blur the labeling of each tube.
  • Label the tube using pencil or printed label.
  • Ship at room temperature.