HRM (High Resolution Melting)

HRM is a molecular biology technique used to detect mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double-stranded DNA. It is a PCR-based method capable of discovering small differences such as INDELs or SNPs through high resolution melting curve analysis. If the location of a mutation or variant is unknown in a population study, HRM could be a good choice to categorize individuals based on high resolution melting curve analysis followed by sequencing to verify its sequence. 

We recommend positive control enables in your HRM analysis. The positive control used in HRM analysis can be PCR fragment or PCR product with the known sequences, which typically 1 as wild type and another 1 (or more) as the target INDELs or SNPs sequences. To provide the convenience to our customers, we offer gBlocks™ Gene Fragment from IDT as positive controls in our HRM services.

Our HRM services will design according to the gene accession number or rs number provided by the customers. The rs number is an accession number used by researchers and databases to refer to specific SNPs. If the rs number is not available, or customers are providing the primer design(s) to be used in the PCR service, proviso fees may be applicable depending on project requirements. Under this condition, we will offer a custom service work plan to be reviewed and accepted by the customer before confirming the inquiry.



Product No. Description
HRM Positive Control

HRM Positive Control

Cloned Product of gBlocks™ Gene Fragment (251 to 500bp), Flat Price

Experimental Setup: Genotyping/ Mutation & Variant Screening using qPCR.
Charge per mutation or variant, excludes cost of probe/ SNP assay/ assay positive control.

The cost of probe/ gBlock™/ SNP assay kit to be charged separately.


HRM qPCR reaction: duplicate reactions for each run. Price per run.

  •  HRM amplification curve
  •  Normalized melt graph & Different graph
  •  HRM melt analysis & HRM analysis report.


Discount available for order >= 20 runs and >= 60 runs respectively.

Note: gBlocks™ is the registered trademark from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)