How to Order

Step 1: Email

Send your order using the 1st BASE Fragment Analysis Order Form. Download and complete the excel file with your order requirements.

  • Indicate the dilution factor, if not spectral optimization will be performed at separate charge.
  • Indicate the expected range of size, if not the analysis need to be performed by the customers.
  • Indicate the Dye Set, or number of dyes/ colour in each loading.

Please send the completed form to our respective email accounts to activate a free local collection. For international orders, please send us an email with your shipment tracking number to ensure speedy processing of your orders.

Location Singapore Malaysia International
Email to: sequencing@
Tel: +65 67757318 +60-3-8943 3252 +60-3-8943 3252

Step 2: Sample Submission

Sample requirements:

  • We do not accept samples premix with formamide and/or DNA standards.
  • Sample should arrive either as: -
  • dry, precipitated DNA reaction products; or
  • 10µl volume of your PCR reactions.

Submit the samples using strip capped 96-well plate, 8-PCR strips, or 1.5mL micro tubes. Do wrap with aluminium foil before sending it to us.

Tips on packing your samples in a 96-well plate

  1. Please place your samples properly into strip-capped well plate as shown below. Adhesive seals or sealing mats will cause mix-up of wells during transportation.

  2. To minimize the physical damage, it is best to use out-skirted well plate with parafilm.
  3. Ensure equal volume; and seal tightly with 8-PCR strip cap to avoid any potential damages in transit such as evaporation or contamination of samples during shipping.
  4. Bad sealing may lead cross-contamination and unsatisfactory results! Re-sequencing is additionally charged.