Ready-to-Load DNA Sequencing with Clean Up (SS1019)

Customer may send us their pre-cycled sequencing reactions in single tubes or plate format. We will perform the post-cycle sequencing clean-up reaction for excess dye terminator removal and the subsequent analysis on our Genetic Analyzers. 

We accept reactions performed with ABI® PRISM BigDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit v3.1. If you are using other sequencing chemistry kits, please send an enquiry to your local Sales Office first.

Results may be expected in 2 working days upon order acknowledgement. 


Both cycle sequencing reaction setup and post-cycle sequencing clean-up are equally crucial to high quality of DNA sequencing results. Poor handling in either step will compromise the result significantly. 

About your setup of cycle sequencing reaction

Many of our Ready-to-load customers have modified or optimised their sequencing reactions with a novel protocol, for example diluting BigDye® sequencing mix, using an increased number of cycles, adding DMSO and etc. We may not be able to provide support for reactions that do not adhere to our recommended guidelines. 

We can also help customers in the troubleshooting of their cycle sequencing reaction setup. Please contact your Local Sales Office for assistance. Regular charges apply. The customer can send us the following: - 

  1. the DNA template and its sequencing primers in separate tubes (as in our service SS1001); and
  2. Pre-cycle reactions, which is without post-cycle sequencing clean-up (as in our service SS1019).