As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, communities across the globe are struggling to keep up with the demand for public testing but also research discoveries pertaining to Sars-CoV-2.
The need is urgent and 1st BASE is here to assist you with them.

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Sanger Sequencing Services

1st BASE Sanger Sequencing provides the required information to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory pathogens and in identifying new mutations within the genes.

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  • Priority Sequencing
  • High-quality sequencing
  • Tap on our expertise with sound technical support

M13-Tailed Sequencing (SS1101)

* Complementary PCR optimization

Sample type: Unpurified qPCR product

  • Consistent sequencing results for COVID-19 qPCR amplicons.
  • Includes quantification of templates, M13-tail PCR, PCR product purification, Bi-directional sequencing, and alignment to reference sequence.

Single Pass DNA Sequencing(SS1001, SS1002)

Sample type: Purified PCR product / Plasmid

  • DNA sequencing reaction encompasses the cycle sequencing reactions, dye terminator removal and subsequent analysis on our Genetic Analyzers.

Sequencing+ PLUS (SS1201)

Sample type: Unpurified PCR product / Excised Gel Band

  • All-in-one service.
  • Includes purification / gel extraction, and Single Pass DNA Sequencing.




Custom Manufacturing of Biochemicals, Buffers & Reagents

Apart from our extensive list of ready-to-use buffers and media, 1st BASE is also open to customization of project/products, from packaging size to formulation and testing, tailored to your needs.

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1st BASE Viral Transport Medium (VTM)

Viral Transport Medium (VTM) is a pH-buffered fluid with a specific formulation of salts, protein and other chemicals that can maintain the genetic information of the virus prior testing.

1st BASE VTM is formulated based on CDC Atlanta standards. 

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Viral   Transport  Media  (VTM),

Biotechnology Grade.






1st BASE Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

The kit allows for enhanced extraction of viral DNA/RNA (nucleic acid) from serum, plasma, body fluids, cell culture supernatant and viral transport medium swabs. This is a column-based extraction method that utilizes silica membrane spin column technology where the procedure involves lysis of viral cells, optimum binding of viral nucleic acid onto the silica membrane, washing and finally eluting viral nucleic acid from the silica membrane. The end-user is able to purify their viral DNA/RNA in less than 30 minutes. Product insert as attached.

A special feature of our kit is that it includes an inert carrier [poly-A] powder which enhances the binding of viral nucleic acid onto the silica membrane to improve its binding efficiency. It is an ideal kit to isolate low viral copies from 201 to 207 copies of viral nucleic acid. The purified viral nucleic acid is optimum for RT-PCR and qRT-PCR applications.

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Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit


50 preps/kit


1st BASE 2019-nCoV E and RdRp Positive Control

The 2019-nCoV E and RdRp Positive Control (Product No. MBS-4100) is packaged for 500µL (200,000 copies/µL) in IDTE pH 8.0.

This control will be ideal to existing COVID-19 screening users that are working on the E gene, RdRp, or both E & RdRp genes.

The product comes with 1 tube of circular plasmid DNA, which contains partial sequences of both 2019-nCoV E gene and RdRp gene. It is designed to be used as positive control in Charité/Berlin qPCR protocol (version 17th Jan 2020). One tube of the positive control will be sufficient for 2,500 duplicate reactions.

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Next-Generation Sequencing Services for SARS-CoV-2 Genome 

NGS enables the study of genomic epidemiology and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 where the viral genome data generated prospectively during outbreaks can help provide information about relatedness to other viruses, mode and tempo of evolution, geographical spread and adaptation to human hosts. It also provides crucial elements of coronavirus pathogenicity and possible targets for diagnostics, prognostication and interventions.


As country-specific SARS-CoV-2 datasets are still limited, there has been much interest and effort being taken to sequence the genome of the SARS-CoV-2. Let us help support you with the genome sequencing of the virus.  

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  • Priority Sequencing
  • All-in-one Package: From Total RNA to Bioinformatics Analysis
  • Guaranteed Sequencing Output: 330x (10Mb) per Sample

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Molecular Biology Service

As facilities race to ramp-up capacity, supply shortages, not just personnel and lab space shortages, have waylaid some testing efforts.

Let us help you with the processing steps of your COVID-19 experiments.  

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  • All-in-one Solution: Samples to reporting
  • Maximise resource efficiency: Saves you precious time to focus on important issues
  • Quality You Can Count On: Robust Protocols That Ensure Superior Data