Biochemicals, Buffers and Reagents FAQs

Q1) What is the shelf life of 1st BASE's reagents?
Ans: Our ready-to-use buffers and biochemicals are prepared freshly. For ready-to-use buffers, we provide a 6 months guarantee period. Biochemicals have a 1-2 year warranty. Do refer to our product labels to verify the warranty of your purchased product.


Q2) How does 1st BASE charge for custom reagents?
Ans: Our costing is worked out based on the cost of raw materials as well as man-hours required to prepare the reagent. Custom reagents will have more man-hours worked into the costing.


Q3) Does 1st BASE have all listed products available as ex-stock?
Ans: No, as we ensure reagents are prepared freshly. However we maintain a turnaround time of no more than 4 working days upon confirmation.


Q4) Does 1st BASE have a larger packaging size available, other than 1L?
Ans: Yes, we offer a 4L Cubitainer™ and a 10L carboy option. Please call us to find out more.


Q5) Are 1st BASE biochemicals, custom reagents and buffers certified for pharmacological use?
Ans: No. They are not certified for pharmacological use even at the veterinary level.