1st BASE's Bacterial and Fungal DNA Barcoding Kits are designed to amplify conserved region of bacterial 16s rRNA gene and fungal ITS gene respectively for Sanger sequencing. They come with the option to enable crude nucleic acid extraction using high salt solution-based extraction method within 30 minutes or overnight incubation. All kits include PCR primers, PCR reagents and optimized PCR protocol to generate PCR products for Sanger sequencing.

Customer can align and BLAST the obtained sequencing results to their choice of database for barcoding purposes. It is an ideal kit to perform DNA barcoding for pure isolates of bacterial and fungal samples readily.


DNA Barcoding Kits


Fig. 1a. Bacterial DNA Barcoding Kit, 50 Preps (KIT-1100-50)


Fig.1b. Fungal DNA Barcoding Kit, 50 Preps (KIT-1200-50)

DNA Barcoding PCR Kits


Fig. 2a. Bacterial DNA Barcoding PCR Kit, 50 Preps (KIT-1110-50)


Fig. 2b. Fungal DNA Barcoding PCR Kit, 50 Preps (KIT-1210-50)

A special feature of our kits is that it also includes sequencing primers with proven priming efficiency that is optimal for Sanger sequencing. The generated PCR products from 1st BASE DNA Barcoding kits are ready for 1st BASE Sequencing+ PLUS services directly.

If customer choose to sequence the PCR products by themselves or send their PCR products for other sequencing provider, the PCR products need to be purified before sequencing.

How to Order

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Product No Product Description Brochure Safety Data Sheet Full Product Protocol
KIT-1100-50 Bacterial DNA Barcoding Kit
KIT-1110-50 Bacterial DNA Barcoding PCR Kit, without nucleic acid extraction.
KIT-1200-50 Fungal DNA Barcoding Kit
KIT-1210-50 Fungal DNA Barcoding PCR Kit, without nucleic acid extraction.