1st BASE Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

1st BASE provides a complete range of services for your polyclonal antibody project. We offer full custom antibody production from the design assistance of suitable peptide epitopes and peptide synthesis to affinity purification of the serum. Stringent monitoring in quality and titer checking by ELISA will be conducted in each project to ensure specificity and sufficient amounts of your polyclonal antibody for your applications.

Available species for polyclonal antibody production:

  • Rabbit: New Zealand White (female) rabbits
  • Chicken: California Leghorn Chickens
  • Goat: Boer Goat

We also offer an Accelerated Antibody Production Package which will only take 8 weeks to complete for all the three species above. Optional services are available if you require more yield from our Standard 8-week Production.

Upon project completion, we offer the following options to the customer:

  • Termination: This will take effect upon confirmation at no extra cost.
  • Project Extension:
    • Rabbits:
      28 Days
      1 immunization
      2 production bleeds (20-25 ml each)
    • Chickens:
      28 Days
      1 immunization
      2 production bleeds (1 ml each)
      2 egg collection periods
    • Goat:
      28 Days
      1 immunization
      * 2 production bleeds (250ml each)
  • Exsanguination: Includes a series of two bleeds for a total of about 60mL per rabbit
  • Maintenance: Rabbits are kept (no immunizations or bleeds) until further notice