Genome Walking

Genome walking is a method for walking upstream or downstream (e.g. towards promoter regions) of genomic DNA from a known sequence, such as gene of interest (GOI) or transgene.

Below is the schematic outline of the Genome Walking from GOI.

It is important that the provided known sequence was verified using Sanger sequencing before the genome walking. As such, the 1st round of sequencing reactions using the provided PCR Primers of the GOI have to be successful and sequence verified before we may proceed with the Genome Walking project.



Product Number


MBS-8005 (N=1kb)

Genome Walking:
Up to 1kb upwards & downwards flanking the known GOI.

+ Validation of the presence of GOI
+ Primer Synthesis
+ PCR, Cloning & Sanger Sequencing

Price per project.

Sample requirements: ≥ 10µg of purified gDNA (RNA-free).