Sample Preparation for Submission:

(i) FTA Card (recommended)

  • If you need sufficient amount of genomic DNA for PCR application, submit your blood sample(s) on FTA card will save hassles in shipping.

    1. Apply whole blood to the FTA card 
    2. Label the FTA card with Sample Name and Preparation Date 
    3. Allow sample to dry completely at room temperature
    4. Seal the card in a ziplock bag and ship at room temperature 
    5. Attach Order Form
    6. Attach filled Biohazard Declaration Form.

Please download instructions on how to prepare samples using FTA card.

(ii) Vacuum Blood EDTA Collection Tube

Submission of whole blood is recommended if you require high amount of genomic DNA to work with. Our protocol can purify total (genomic, mitochondrial, and viral) DNA from whole blood and body fluids.

Steps involved:

  • Customer to store blood in provided EDTA tube (to reduce DNA degradation) and keep at 4oC upon collection.

  • Put blood samples inside provided ziplock bag

  • Attach Order Form

  • Attach filled Biohazard Declaration Form.

Please download and complete our Human gDNA Extraction (Blood/Saliva samples) Order Form. To expedite the processing of your submitted blood samples, please also complete and submit the BioSafety Declaration Form.

Send your completed forms to the respective email addresses below:

Location Singapore Malaysia International

Email to:


+65 67757318

+60-3-8943 3252

+60-3-8943 3252