Special genomic DNA extraction Service – Genomic DNA extraction from human Blood and Saliva

We are now offering genomic DNA extraction from human blood and saliva samples. The DNA extraction process is performed in an isolated Biohazard Cabinet. The extracted genomic DNA is suitable for direct use in PCR, Southern-blotting and other downstream molecular biology applications.
Our protocol can also extract total (genomic, mitochondrial, and viral) DNA from plasma, serum, buffy coat, lymphocytes, and body fluids.

Suited for:

  • Blood Related Samples
    Leukocytes (white blood cells) is the source of gDNA. DNA purified is up to 50 kb in size, with fragments of approximately 20-30 kb predominating. The yield of genomic DNA depends on the sample type and the number of cells (white blood cells) in the sample. Typically, a 200 µl sample of whole blood from a healthy individual will yield 3-12 ug of DNA. 
    For best results, the blood should be stored at 4°C for less than 5 days or frozen at -80°C on the day of collection.
Samples frozen at -80°C typically exhibit a 15% decrease in DNA yield.
  • Whole Blood
    For short term storage, keep the freshly drawn blood samples at 4°C for less than 5 days. For best results, the samples should reach our lab for processing 1 to 4 days after collection.

    For long term storage, blood samples should be stored at -80°C soon after collection.We do not recommend storing blood samples at -20°C for any length of time. Blood storage at this temperature for as little as 3 days results in decreased DNA yield.


Product No.



Blood Sample Preparation 

gDNA extraction. Price per sample.


Saliva Sample Preparation

gDNA extraction. Price per sample.

Turnaround Time: 2 to 3 working days. Please enquire for bulk samples.

For long term storage, keep the purified genomic DNA at -20oC is recommended. Make aliquots if necessary to avoid multiple freeze-thaws.