1oo - 1st BASE Online Ordering

1oo is 1st BASE's Online Ordering system that allows users to place orders for 1st BASE's Products and Services.

With 1oo, it is:

  • 1oo% Accurate - Eliminate any risks of typo-erros with online ordering
  • 1oo% Available - Place orders at your own schedule
  • 1oo% Convenient - Retrieve information of previous orders anytime
  • 1oo% Customised - Send orders based on your exact requirements
  • 1oo% Rewarding - Gain rewards with every dollar spents

 1oo is made up of several modules:

1. DNA Sequencing Services

  • Input order details from text or excel files
  • Print out completed DNA Sequencing order form
  • Arrange for sample collection directly
  • Retrieve sequencing results online

 2. 1oo Rewards

  • View Rewards Gallery for items available for redemption
  • Redeem your reward points for 1st BASE products, vouchers or gifts

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